First Things First - Set up a Facebook Page!

The very first thing you should do after you've named your business is to set up a Facebook Page.

Your Facebook Page will be where your business resides on Facebook.  This is different from your personal profile.  Your Business Page lets you talk about your business, post photos, tell customers about your services and much more.

Use this guide to set up your Facebook Page.

Download "Facebook-Pages-Guide.pdf"

Facebook groups

Secondly - Using Facebook Groups

Joining Local Facebook Groups and getting involved may be the best way to market your business on Facebook.

Join local Facebook groups but not all of them. Some have no rules and it becomes a spam fest. Join ones that let businesses post on certain days.

BUT, don’t just get on and do Ads about your business - get involved in the group, help where you can.

Lastly, when you get customers feel the group go ABOVE AND BEYOND! The next time someone is looking for service, your customers will recommend you.

Remember, you want to build friendships, not just customers.

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